God will punish you for 600 years in poverty – Kuame Eugene rain curses on fan who insulted him

Kuame Eugene has rain curses on a fan who supposedly insulted him.

The Open Gate hitmaker in a live video was speaking against some industry players and colleague musicians he thought only show fake love and do not promote the works of others.

As comments were trooping in, it is not clear what this particular fan wrote, however, it is clear it is not a pleasant one.

Reacting to this, Kuame Eugene said God will punish him and his family for 600 years in poverty.

Netizens who saw whatever the musician unleashed on the fan were not happy about it.

Whiles some blast him and said that if his generation had been cursed for 10 years like he had done, he wouldn’t be where he is now, others begged him to forgive the fan because “we are all humans and need one another”

@shaibu2586, however, questions the moral upbringing of Kuame Eugene by writing: “Dont blame him maybe he don’t get good care from home when he was growing,aba childish artist do you think you make it like that ,try and put respect in your head small.”

Celebrities_mallam also added “Most arrogant Artist for GH …”

Watch The Video Below:

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