Young man who allegedly used his girlfriend for rituals finally speaks up, see what he said

Few days ago, various media outlets reported about the death of a young girl Angela Boamah Amoah who was allegedly used for money rituals by her boyfriend.

Well, the young man identified as Ernest Appiah has finally opened up about allegedly using his 18 year old girlfriend for money rituals otherwise known as “juju”.

Angela Boamah passed away a few days ago and a video popped up showing her and Ernest Appiah in a cosy mood “chopping love”.

A voice in the video alleged that the boy with Angela was her lover who used her for ‘sakawa’.

Speaking on the issue, Ernest stated in a video on his Facebook page that he is not into ‘Juju’ and does not own a car or house as alleged in the viral video.

Appiah who disclosed his age as 19, he even knew the original boyfriend of the late Angela Boamah.

The young man disclosed that even when Angela fell sick, he did not visit her because he did not take it seriously.

Appiah wondered how the video with his friend got out and also blamed the lady who did the narration and tagged him as ‘sakawa’.

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