Lydia Forson finally breaks silence on sleeping with Desmond Elliot, says ‘we dirty ourselves …’

Obviously, Lydia Forson is not happy after her name was bandied about in the last couple of hours on social media after Nollywood actor cum politician Desmond Elliot goofed in parliament.

The handsome actor caused a huge stir last week when he blasted Nigerian youths for being used as a puppet by Nigerian celebrities to start the needless EndSars protest.

It is not surprising that Lydia Forson obviously won’t keep quiet for her enviable brand to be dragged in the mud on social media after her name popped up in Desmond Elliot’s goof last week.

The lawmaker representing Surulere constituency in his submission on the plenary session held by the Lagos state House of Assembly blasted Nigerian youths for being lazy which is why they found time for this EndSars protest which has continued for weeks unabated.

Desmond also gave Nigerian celebrities who started the ‘cold war’ in the first place a fair share of the blame. The lawmaker further called for more stiffer regulations to safeguard the way the youths use social media, ultimately asking the government to ban it outright.

According to him, the youth have a constitutional means to change government and it is called the ‘PVC’.

A portion of his message reads, “Mr. Speaker, we need to address certain things. The Nigerian youth, the social media, the social influencers, all of these are making the narrative that we are seeing today, except we are joking with ourselves. Social media is good but it has Negative impacts.”

These words from the lawmaker have since been met with strong criticisms and in the ensuing melee and angered a lot of Nigerians as they heaped an avalanche of insults upon his confused head.

In furtherance to that, some Nigerians started digging up his dirty secrets in his closet to be used as propaganda against him. As a result of this, it was rumoured that he [Desmond] had been cheating on his wife.

One of such stories in that regard has to do with rumours that Desmond has been sleeping with Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson.

Upon sighting the frivolous rumours, Lydia has come out to deny the report by saying; “So really, all it takes is for people to create fake accounts, make up a story and blogs will carry it just like that?

And you people will be in my inbox to calm down, keep quiet, let it go and not waste my energy.

Ok, I have a story for everyone who writes one about me and everyone who tells me to ignore.

We dirty ourselves here, me I have the time; so you can tell me what it’s like when I tell everyone that you slept with a goat on the roof of a car.”

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