Senegal: Babacar and Djiby, two young Senegalese engaged in beekeeping

In 2017, they developed a startup, Terangaa Agro, specializing in modern beekeeping, in particular, the production of honey and bee breeding.

The startup is now made up of young agronomists, agroforestry workers, beekeepers, all graduates of the Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar.

Babacar Coly, co-manager of Terangaa Agro, has been tracing the changes in the startup in a few months of existence and has this to say:

From bee breeding to organic farming

Babacar Coly

Launched in late 2017, Terangaa Agro first embarked on modern beekeeping, in particular, honey production and bee breeding.

Subsequently, in order to increase our activities in agricultural services, the workforce increased to 9 members including 7 agronomists, 1 accounting manager and 1 marketing-communication manager.

The team’s agronomists have various training: sustainable management of horticultural agroecosystems; agroforestry; beekeeping; ecological and organic agriculture; ecology and ecosystem management.

Terangaa Agro has thus become a team of young Senegalese with diverse skills around organic farming, accounting and marketing.

Today, we are proud to count among our partners the National Federation of Organic Agriculture (FENAB).

Our main objective is to promote organic farming in Senegal. Many people want to get into farming, especially organic, but they don’t have the right products or the skills.

This is the reason why, on the one hand, we market 100% ecological plant protection products with bio-controls and biofertilizers against pathogenic diseases.

On the other hand, we want to train, assist and support anyone who wants to succeed in this very promising agricultural sector.

Babacar Coly stated that organic product has a huge market. “With organic, the market is huge,” Babacar said.

Organic products represent a huge market. Their purchase price is higher than that of chemicals. It is a real agricultural business for entrepreneurs (healthy and quality products).

We must also admit that conventional agriculture has reached its limits (land degradation, loss of biodiversity, extinction of bees by pesticides, dependence, etc.).

It is therefore urgent to train Africans in new organic farming practices for a healthy diet, respectful of the environment but also with a huge market.

Our startup is resolutely committed to training young people in organic farming. A training seminar will soon be open in Dakar in which we invite young people to participate.

Ultimately, organic farming rhymes with the breeding of bees, they are the largest natural pollinators.

Conventional agriculture rhymes with the massive extinction of bees due to the use of pesticides.

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