Tanzanian government to establish Milk Collection Centers in rural areas

The Tanzanian government has revealed plans to institute several Milk Collection Centers (MCC) in rural areas to increase access to dairy products in the country.

This was disclosed last weekend by the Tanzania Dairy Board (TDB) which currently is working on the modalities for the centres.

This MCC initiative is aimed at increasing the country’s milk collection and increase milk processing factories, as well as other dairy products.

In Tanzania, there are at least 99 milk processing factories that produce 865,600 liters per day, however, milk has not been sufficient.

Due to the unavailability of milk from farmers, the industries only process 203,600 liters, estimated at 23.52 percent of their production capacity.

Registrar of the board, Noely Byamungu said the inability to supply sufficient milk to the factories is a result of the poor and unfriendly road infrastructures in the country.

“To address the setbacks, the board is looking forward to expanding available Milk Collection Centers (MCC) in all rural areas with a high number of dairy cattle farmers and milk production.

“Out of the number, at least 717 MCC have been established with special milk cooling tanks…with professional ability to safely preserve milk for a weeklong period, and at capacity to cool a total of 352,098 liters a day,” he explained.

According to Noely, there are at least 221 milk collection centers (MCC) initiated by the board in different areas countrywide.

He revealed that the MCC will provide a platform that ensures that farmers are presented with reliable markets for their produce.

The TDB, he added, will continue to work closely with stakeholders and milk processors to educate and motivate the farmers to form special groups and have a collective voice in the milk collection centers.

“Throughout the system, milk factories are straight coming to procure milk at the MCC, where the farmers are paid on weekly basis under a well-being established contract.

“By increasing availability of the MCC in all concerned areas, we will manage to stand a promising chance to overcome several challenges facing dairy farmers as well as milk processing plants,” Noely said.

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