Bank Manager caught in bed with someone’s wife, got shot severally in the head by gunmen [Video+Photos]

Once again our internet space is buzz with video making rounds on social media – there are two videos on circulation. In one of the videos you see man believed to be an bank manger of a bank [can’t disclose the name here] by name Mr. Kituka Ivan having an affair with a lady believed to be someone’s wife.

In the other video the manager is seen lying on the floor receiving several gun shots in his head by unknown gunmen believed to have sent by an angry husband of a woman he was having an affair with.

According to the husband, he had knowledge of the sexual affair the deceased (Mr. Kituka Ivan) had with his wife Dorothy Nametubi Ssozi and warned him but he failed to heed to it.

Apparently, he attacked him at his office and reported him to his superiors about his dealings with his wife and the shady dealings he has been doing to get a Visa for both of them outside the country in the name of a business trip.

Prior to the hit, he sent him a two lettered which contained all his grievances and stated that he will shoot Ivan in the head.

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See the letter below:

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Ivan disregarded the warning for the umpteenth time to sleep with the man’s wife. He was caught red-handed with her in bed by the gunmen who shot him several times in the head.

Now meet the lady [Mrs. Dorothy Nametubi Ssozi] that got Ivan shot. Judge for yourself why Ivan ignored the warning sent to him the lady’s husband.

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In fact Dorothy is well endowed with a lot protuberances especially her backside – clearly the more reason Mr. Kituka Ivan could not leave her despite the threat from the husband.

Mrs. Dorothy Nametubi Ssozi

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It will also interest you to see the photo of Mr. Kituka Ivan – here is his photo.

Mr. Kituka Ivan

Now watch the video of the bedroom actions and the subsequent shooting of the deceased below using the links below.

WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised!!!

Click here to watch the bedmatics of the duo

Click here to watch the shooting of Ivan

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