University of Cape Coast students attacked and raped by armed robbers on campus

Fear has gripped students of the University of Cape Coast after armed robbers attacked them on campus leaving two stabbed in the process with one feared dead.

According to reports, the lethal happening took place around 12 am Tuesday morning (13th October, 2020).

These unknown armed thieves took away the personal belongings of some students who were learning at that time in preparation to sit for their exams to end the second semester of the 2019/2020 academic year.

In this light, the students have charged on school authorities demanding for better campus security to help protect the lives of the learners on campus.

In effect there has been a trending hashtag on social media #UCClivesmatters, this is in accordance with the student’s cry for help.

There have been a series of attacks by thieves and criminals around the campus and this recent one seems to have hit on the alarming bells of the students hence calling for proper security.

Taking to social media with the hashtag #UCClivesmatters some students and netizens registered their strong displeasure at the recent and previous attacks on the University.

They called on the University Authorities to take their lives into consideration by at least providing the security men on campus with the appropriate equipment instead of torch lights as their weapons.

Meanwhile, the management of the university is yet to react/speak. As it stands now, nothing has been done to ensure proper security.

Below are some of the reactions by students who are not happy with the happening on campus;

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