Kenya: Maize farmers set to be allotted lands under Irrigation Project

The Kenyan government has said that it will allocate lands to farmers from the Kilifi and Tana River counties for commercial maize farming via the Galana-Kulalu irrigation scheme.

The Galana-Kulalu irrigation scheme is a national government flagship project that seeks to boost food production across the country.

The development came on the back of a meeting between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Amason Kingi, Dadhi Godhana, the Governor of Kilifi and Tana River respectively, in Nairobi.

Governor Kingi, revealing the 30 tonnes of Maize seeds donated by Bayer East Africa Company to farmers said enquiries were been made with partners on the execution of the project.

“We had a meeting with President Uhuru Kenyatta in Nairobi on Monday over the Galana-Kulalu farm and agreed that it is time to give locals a chance to plant maize for commercial purposes to improve their lives through agriculture.

“We must talk to all partners in the grassroots on how they will be brought on board,” he said.

Kingi further revealed that the process would give room for public participation, adding that the two counties would start working on the Galana land before moving to the Kulalu.

“We want to come out with plans on how to support Kilifi residents who will get land in Galana to benefit from maize farming,” he added.

He further pointed that it was time Kilifi resident left subsistence to commercial maize farming by embracing modern technology.

The governor said that the government had disbursed funds to continue the project in the counties.

More than 2,000 acres of land have also been put under irrigation in Magundho, Ziara Wari, Pangani, Burangi, Madoviani, Kakuyuni, Kwa Ndezi, Gandini Bombi, and Hongera Bwagalao.

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