Nigerian actor who died and resurrected Jerry Amilo shows his adorable son, says ‘Lion no dey born goat’ – Video

Famous Nollywood actor, director, producer, entrepreneur and a television personality, Jerry Amilo, is well known after news of his resurrection appeared in the news a few days after his departure through a fatal accident.

For the first time, actor Jerry Amilo has shared adorable photos of his son who also has few features of the actor.

Many of the Nigerian celebrities have shown off their children in several posts on their social media page, whereas, other celebrities have tried to keep their lives and their families away from the public eye.

Jerry Amilo has taken to his Instagram page to flaunt one of his kids, his son Nornor Reeves Amilo J. He captioned his post “Meet the 5G Lion breed. King Nornor Reeves Amilo J. Lion no dey born goat Biko. Roaring.”.

Watch video below:

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