Zimbabwe: Women spearhead Agriculture Development Programme

Women in Zimbabwe have become active implementers of the government’s agricultural programmes as they constitute the largest percentage of farmers involved in the Pfumvudza farming concept.

This was revealed by the Secretary of the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF), Cde Chinomona Mabel who disclosed that women have begun maximising agric opportunities.

She revealed this at the launching of the Pfumvudza concept for women at Mutumba Primary School in Shamva North province.

Pfumvudza is a crop production intensification approach that allows farmers to concentrate resources (inputs and labour) on small land units.

According to Mabel, women are taking advantage of the programme to improve their livelihoods and contribute to the economy.

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Shamva North recently received 110 motorbikes for Agritex extension workers to ensure that all farmers in the province were reached.

Mabel speaking said, “Women are very important and I have come to encourage you not to be left behind. Don’t be famous in your community for being first on the list of recipients of aid. Pfumvudza does not require you to have cattle or tractors for tilling the land, you just need your hands.”

“The burden of hunger in the family is shouldered by women. A woman is stripped of her motherhood when she fails to provide food for her children. Government is saying no to hunger and you only need to plant a small portion to achieve great yields,” she added.

Mabel continued, “When every family is food secure, the Government will not spend a lot of money importing grains and it will direct that money to other developmental issues. The wise have already prepared their land while doubting Thomases are still just talking and trying to discredit the programme.”

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“President Emmerson Mnangagwa, in his speech at the United Nations, said he wants to uplift women. He established a Women’s Bank and it is up to us to make use of it,” she said.

The Pfumvudza programme is expected to reach about 300,000 households as 40,000 had already completed land preparations.

The programme which began in 2008 due to the inability of farmers to secure tractor for tilling has reached about 196,557 farmers who have been trained in the province.

About 101,326 of these farmers are said to be women.

Source: agroafricamagazine.com

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