Zimbabwe to launch $58m Belarus-funded Agriculture Equipment Facility

The government of Zimbabwe is set to launch a farm mechanisation facility worth $58 million at the Agricultural Engineering Department in Harare.

Funded by Belarus, the project is geared towards boosting agricultural production among smallholder farmers.

This was on the back of an alliance between Belarus and Zimbabwe in 2018, where it was agreed that the former would supply the latter with the required machinery and equipment for the agriculture and timber industry.

Just recently, Zimbabwe procured a similar facility from a United States company, John Deere in June, worth over $50 million.

A statement from the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Service revealed that the new project would be launched by President Mnangagwa alongside top officials of the government and private holders.

It revealed also that the total unit of machinery and equipment to be supplied in the framework of the project would be more than 800 units.

The units as listed were 60 self-propelled grain harvesters, 210 precision seed drills, 474 tractors of different power capacities, fifth wheel trucks with semi-trailers for transportation of heavy equipment, and 4 dump trucks.

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Other equipment includes fifth wheel trucks with semitrailers for transportation of heavy equipment, 6 semitrailers with hydraulic manipulator for transportation of construction machinery, 10 drop side trucks and firefighting equipment critical for forestry.

As a part of the project implementation, an all-inclusive service center in Harare would provide service and support for the machinery and equipment.

Part the statement reads “It is equipped with necessary working area and premises, tools, repair-garage and diagnostic equipment as well as mobile service vehicles for the turn-out of repair team to the regions. Local specialists will be engaged for work at the service station. Special attention is given to organizing training classes for Zimbabweans (for each farmer) on the basis of the service center that is covered by the project.”

“Moreover, training in Belarus will be organized for Zimbabwean technical specialists, duration of at least two months. The training includes practical classes in every manufacturing plant. “The implementation of the project also involves an all-in approach that includes not only full responsibility regarding warranty and service support, provision of spare parts, and training of local specialists,” the statement continued.

It also added that the project would provide advanced technologies, comprehensive decisions and solutions in agriculture for every agricultural period from cultivation, seeding, irrigation, planting to crop harvesting.

Source: agroafricamagazine.com

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