Check out what Ole Gunnar Solskjær said on BT Sport after his side won over Brighton

Here is a conversation between BT sport presenter and Ole Gunnar Solskjær after the match against Brighton & Hove Albion.

How do you sum that up?
“You can’t sum it up at all really. Emotions, drama. We got away with one, to be fair. I have to say.”

Did you think the chance had gone?
“When they equalised you thought that’s two points lost. Maybe one point was what we deserved. I don’t think we deserved more, but that character they showed deserved more. As in the reaction to the first goal, we started playing, the reaction to the second goal. We went straight to the other end and created a corner. That’s a big thing for us compared to last season. We had too many draws. We were the team that had the fewest defeats apart from Liverpool. So that’s a big plus for us.”

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They hit the post five times – were you expecting more from your side?
“First of all, you have to be happy Jose’s not here to measure the goal posts! It might have been a smaller goal! They created too much for my liking. They’re a difficult team to play against. We tried to press but they’ve got really good ball-players at the back. They played really well so we didn’t get there. When we’re low, you can see we don’t have the legs and sharpness still. But we’ll get there.”

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One key moment – the penalty claim when Connolly went down. That decision changed the game in many respects…
“That was early on in the second half. Whatever happened there, it wouldn’t be the defining moment. Yes it’s in front of him. Paul [Pogba]’s running behind him but he’s not attempting to get on to the lad so, for me, there’s no contact there.”

You got the result but there’s a lot of work still to be done?
“Plenty of work. The players know that. We got away with one. Sometimes you’ve just got to take the points and know we need to improve a lot. Last week was very disappointing, we didn’t get anything from the game. Today, we showed character, the response a couple of times. That’s big pluses and the lads showed quality: strikers, forwards, creating chances. David’s making an important save from Trossard. There were some pluses as well.”

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