Ghanaian BECE candidate builds Lamborghini-like car, drives to school on last day of exams

A 2020 Basic Education Certificate Examination(BECE) candidate has wowed Ghanaians with a car he built. The 18-year Odartey went to school on the last day of the exams in his own built car.

The yet-to-be-finished automobile comes in the shape of a Lamborghini with bird-like doors and it looked as though it had been built from scratch with scrap material.

Odartey has spoken to United TV and it clear the boy knows his stuff – he was on top of his explanation on how he made the car.

The body of the car looked quite rusty, giving credence to the fact that it was built from scraps.

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In the video that has gone viral, the young but talented Ghanaian creator is not only seen starting and revving his creation but is getting it ready for his trip to school.

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The video showed him about to give his classmates a ride to school to write their final papers in the ongoing national exams.

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