“Life is all about decisions and priorities” – Sarkodie inspires

A man who is not known for sharing a lot of philosophical ideologies on social media neither is he known to make advisory comments, Sarkodie has however shared one which is very intuitive.

Sarkodie’s rap is always filled with punchlines and mind-boggling ideas, his songs are mostly spiced up with life quotes and very relevant ideas for personal development.

He is not cherished or admired only for his rapping prowess but his ability to send a clear message to his music-loving fans that are usually based on life lessons learnt and how one can lead an intentional life.

Today, Sarkodie has thought it appropriate to share this piece of advice with fans on Twitter following a very concentrated social media euphoria surrounding the three Ferraris bought by Nigerian billionaire Femi Otedola for her three daughters.

According to the multiple award-winning rapper, life is about making decisions and setting priorities. This statement suggests that the success or failure of one’s life is not based on any external manipulation but an inherent desire to pursue success based on decisions and priorities.

These are values the life and musical career of Sarkodie had been built on which ultimately guaranteed his steady rise to the top.

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