Grosso Foods Launch: Promises food security in Africa

Grosso Foods Group was announced at a virtual conference as a new entrant in the African agri-business sector with a vision to accelerate agribusiness growth and investments in Africa – geared toward boosting food security, economic growth, and climate-smart investment.

As an Africa-focused agribusiness with over 30 years combined experience in all aspects of the business across the value-chain, Grosso Foods Group is optimally positioned to become Africa’s leading investment and advisory partner for intermediary-sized agribusiness across the continent. It intends to lead the complete agribusiness value chain from farms to fridges, providing protein-rich healthy foods for the growing African and global market.

They have a flexible client-focused approach, blended with strong technical and business administrative acumen, accommodates the need for both short- and long-term projects, mitigating associated risks and ensuring success.

Agriculture in Africa has been characterised as subsistence farming – a narrative Grosso Foods Group aims to change by helping to increase local ownership of the entire value chain – including land, farming technology, processing, marketing and distribution – for a positive impact on socio-economic development of the respective regions.

Grosso Foods Group will lead the African agricultural revolution through sustainable localised solutions and put healthy food in the fridge sourced no more than 200kms from local farms. Their investment in African agribusiness will result in social uplifting and the creation of opportunities for people of the continent.

The founder and CEO of Grosso Foods Group, Nuradin Osman, has reiterated that Grosso Foods Group will focus on resilience in food production; mechanisation, technology and innovations for agribusiness; optimisation of value-chains and value addition; skills and capacity development; integrated agricultural trade and market access; boosting competitiveness in the livestock sector; boosting irrigation for high-yielding crops; setting up storage and processing facilities and other key areas of agriculture.

“If you’re ready to grow with us, we are ready to provide the investment and expertise to drive African agribusinesses to prosperity in this new era of growing opportunity,” Mr. Osman added.

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