Video: “I will talk with Erica when I feel her eyes are clear enough to not get into trouble” – Laycon tells Kiddwaya [BBNaija]

It is clear that Laycon has never given up on Erica even after what happened last night. Erica threatened to make Laycon suffer in life after she blew hot once again over his claims of she trying to kiss him.

The same Erica has also threatened to kill Laycon for lying and gossiping about her yet Laycon seem unperturbed at all – he is still focused

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Kiddwaya, after the incident, cornered Laycon to let him know he has no issues with him but he’s pissed off because of the ongoing feud between him and Erica.

According to him, it would have been much easier if Laycon had said something to trash the whole issue instantly.

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Nonetheless, Laycon has given reasons why he stood still while Erica rained insults on him over the kissing incident.

Laycon declined, saying he has no issues with him nor Erica and would not engage her when she is drunk because it would put both of them into trouble, something he is not ready to handle.

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However, he would continue to talk to her when she is sober and can relate to what he says.

Watch video below:

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