Video: Ronaldinho releases trailer of new documentary, thanks fans for support during jail stint

The Brazilian legend, Ronaldinho, has thanked fans for their support during his Paraguay prison stint and released the teaser of the documentary based on his life.

Brazilian football legend Ronaldinho has had a turbulent past few months since he was caught in a passport scam in Paraguay.

The former Barcelona star spent nearly six months in the country behind bars with his brother Roberto de Assis Moreira.

The Ronaldinho fake passport case did not go to trial after both brothers paid compensation and returned to Brazil last week.

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Speaking of the Ronaldinho jail stint, the 2002 World Cup winner said that it was a difficult phase in life and thanked god as it ended last week.

During the Ronaldinho jail stint, fans continued their support of the former AC Milan star, and the 40-year-old thanked his fans for the same.

The 40-year-old said that he did not have words to express his gratitude, and thanked all the affection he received in the last few months.

The Brazilian legend also launched the teaser of the Ronaldinho documentary in the interview. The Ronaldinho jail stint has not affected the Barcelona legend’s jovial nature, with the Ronaldinho documentary titled ‘The Happiest Man in the World’.

The 40-year-old said that the Ronaldinho documentary tells the story of his life and how football is “the great love of his life”.

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Ronaldinho said that when he has the ball, the world stops for him and there is nothing else he thinks of while releasing a picture of him as a child trying keepy-uppies.

It remains to be seen whether the biopic will cover the infamous Ronaldinho fake passport scandal, which placed him under arrest for almost six months.

Ronaldinho’s brother Roberto was freed with a criminal record after he pleaded guilty to using a false document and was handed a suspended prison sentence.

The brothers paid around £153,000 in compensation, with the Barcelona legend covering around £68,000 of it. The duo was arrested on March 6 after their doctored passports falsely showed they were naturalised Paraguayan citizens.

Ronaldinho was facing a two-year prison sentence, but the current settlement offered the chance to pay compensation and avoid trial as part of a ‘Salida procesal’ under Paraguayan law.

Ronaldinho celebrated his 40th birthday in prison, and celebrations were at a bare minimum with fellow inmates.

Watch the trailer in the video below:

Source: Republic World

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