“You’re the president … Legalize Okada now … if you don’t it will affect your chances” – A Plus tells Akufo Addo

Kwame A Plus has urged the the president of Ghana, Akufo Addo, to legalise the controversial Okada business. This comes after the former President John Mahama promised to legalise that sector when he becomes the president next year.

Using his powerful weapon, Facebook page, the TPP boss indicated that John Mahama will legalise Okada if he becomes the president but Akufo Addo you’re the president so start the process now else it will affect your chances in the upcoming general elections.

He also said the Okada matter is very sensitive and the president should be careful.

Here is his post of Facebook:

John Mahama will legalize Okada “if” he becomes president. Akufo Addo you are the president. Start the process now!!! If you don’t it will affect your chances. Go to any police station in Ghana and you will notice that there are many confiscated Okada sitting outside and left to rot. Boys are not happy.

Okada kills, airplanes kill, cars kill, buses kill, malaria kills, go to the road safely commission and ask them how many people have died in road accidents this year alone – even if nothing kills you, nature will force you to grow old and die.

Nana, when you promised free SHS in opposition NDC also promised free progressive SHS. You too start progressive Okada legalization 😂😂😂😂 You do me I do you diɛ ɛyɛ. That Okada matter is a very sensitive one

Ma ka nia ɛyɛ akyerɛ wo!!!


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