Akatsi South: Rice farmers cry for support

Mr. Richard Odzor, Chairman of Akatsi South district rice farmers Association has appealed to individuals, corporate bodies and government to come to their aid as a result of poor rainfall that led to poor yields in rice production.

Over 4000 acres of rice farms have remained dried up due to the sudden seizure in rainfalls during the farming season.

“For the past three months and over, we never experienced any rainfall and this is causing huge losses to our farmers” Mr. Odzor said.

He explained, the situation could lead to high financial burden on the farmers since loans were procured to undertake the venture.

“We spend almost GH?2,500 every season to complete one acre of the rice farm for labour, fertilizer, rice seed, irrigation, herbicide, insecticide among others,” he added.

Mr. Odzor expressed his frustrations when the Ghana News Agency (GNA) visited some of the affected farms in the District.

The areas include, Moryi, Live, Klokpe, Atsiekpui, Worwoenu, and others.

“Our worry is how our indebtedness to our financiers would be settled since nothing would be generated from our farming activities for this very season,” he lamented.

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Former Assemblymember for Live electoral area, Mr Francis Susu Dogah and the Chairman of Lorlornyo Rice Farmers Association also expressed fear this could bring hardship to them, their dependents due to the losses.

He said, several appeals were made to Mr Leo Nelson Adzidogah, District Chief Executive of the area, the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) and the District Director of Agriculture.

“We remain hopeful they will come to our aid,” he said. Meanwhile, Mr. Benjamin Korkortsi, District Director of Agriculture for Akatsi South in an interview with the GNA, said the situation needed urgent intervention and that, his outfit would tour the affected areas for further assessment and recommendations.

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Some other groups such as Norvisi Rice Farmers, Progressive Rice Farmers and Mashie Rice Farmers Associations have been hit by the unfortunate situation and appealed for irrigation dams.

It has also been observed that acreages of maize farms were affected by lack of rainfall.

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