“Educated Cape Coasters and some Fantes are behaving as if there is some heavenly laid down procedure for fixing the city’s problems” – Kwabotwe Old Boy

An Old Boy of Mfantsipim School, Kofi Essel, has reacted to NPP’s promise of building an airport in Cape Coast. The manifesto promise has generated a lot of mixed reactions from people from all walks of life.

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Reacting to this promise and as a response to many who are not in favour of an airport in Cape Coast took to his Facebook page and wrote:

“Educated Cape Coasters and some Fantes are behaving as if there is some heavenly laid down procedure for fixing the city’s problems. As if solving Cape Coast’s problems must compulsorily be one after the other…

Kumasi another Regional capital currently has the biggest market in Ghana in its phase 2, military hospital under construction in addition to KATH, airport expansion into international airport, interchanges, dualization of town roads, National housing projects, maternity block at KATH etc its a long list ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

Do you hear any Ashanti man advancing the arguments that one project must be a priority over the other for lack of funds…. bla bla?

Trust the Kumasi guys … they are way smarter. They even join the educated Fante man and Cape Coasters to complain that some proposed projects in Cape Coast are not priority needs yet they have multiple national project allocations all under construction at the same time in their backyard with same national funds.

Why cant Cape Coast Oguaa also get its share of multiple projects in the form of airport, harbour, railway, dual carriages, interchanges etc all at the #same #time as Kumasi is currently enjoying?

The educated Cape Coasters need some form of political awakening. Them bed. They are politically unaware as compared to their Kumasi counterparts… they keep helping other political actors to improve infrastructure in their regions whiles they sit on Facebook and write big English to prove to everyone they attended a whiteman’s school. Tweaa Mtchewww”

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He also wrote later about the same subject as follows:

“You complain Cape Coast is 2 hours 30mins drive from Accra so does not need an airport, yet you were happy when govt announced it would build another airport in Pampram. How far is Prampram or Saglemi from Accra?

The proximity arguments never crossed your mind wahu? You never considered the fact the Pampram is less than 40 minutes drive from Accra? As if people will only travel from Accra to Cape Coast and back! As if people cant travel from Tamale to Cape Coast or Sunyani to Cape.

As for my fellow Fantes fighting this project we wont treat you with kids gloves at all.

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