Video: ‘I am done with Kiddwaya, … I am mo more interested in him’ – Erica [BBNaija]


Many will be surprised at the latest development on the love triangle in the 2020 Big Brother Naija house regarding housemate Erica’s fresh proclamation.

Erica has made an announcement to the effect that she is no longer interested in billionaire son, Kiddwaya. Take aback? Yes she said that.

Erica made this statement during a heated clash with Wathoni when Erica accused her of being rude and bringing up the name of Kiddwaya in their discussion.

According to Erica, she’s done with Kidd and if she likes, she can go and kiss Kiddwaya because she is not in any relationship with him.

She said those words in the presence of other housemates including Kiddwaya who was just standing at the kitchen focusing on his activity.

Watch the video below:

Interesting days ahead, let wait and see.


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