Video: “Are you crazy? … You have a brain problem” – Erica tells Lucy [BBNaija]

There is no single day without new drama in this year’s Big Brother Naija house, the lockdown season. A new day, new drama and yesterday did pass without one.

Yesterday witnessed on of the serious drama if I can say so. The head of house for week four (4), Erica, steadily served Lucy very hot form of a drama as she reigns in the week.

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It all happened that after the arena Guinness challenge, Lucy made a statement that Kiddwaya is the neck that directs the head.

The statement did not sink in well with Erica and so she approached her [Lucy] to explain into details what she meant by that statement.

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Lucy called on Kiddwaya to explain but Erica shut him down saying she wants to hear from Lucy herself because she said it.

She [Lucy] refused to give explanation to it which Erica suggested they keep it at that because she has become nothing but a nuisance in the house.

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But it did not just end there. Tempers flew after her comment where Ozo went in to calm Erica, while Lucy called in Kiddwaya but Erica again shut him saying Lucy should face her squarely if she has issues with her.

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The fight became intense which saw other people coming in to talk to them before the worse happens.

Watch this special drama in the video below:

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