Video: “Laycon might get jealous of us and it will affect the group, tell him what he wants to hear” – Kiddwaya tells Erica (BBNaija)

Kidd Erica Laycon

Once again Erica, Laycon and Kiddwaya are in the news. Kidd is very optimistic Laycon might get jealous of their [Erica and Kidd] relationship and a new position and that may affect their performance in the house.

Speaking with Erica on their relationship and love triangle which involves Laycon, Kidd said he knows his relationship with her and everything upsets Laycon but he intends to make him [Laycon] feel comfortable in the house.

According to him, Laycon’s actions can cost the group to lose their wager and every other task in the house so to save themselves from such setbacks, Erica should talk to him to prevent such future occurrence.

He wondered why he saw them [Erica and Laycon] last night when Erica had told him she was giving him space.

Kidd said to Erica, “I know what we have. I know you like me and I like you and we’re having good times. He (LAYCON) is emotional, the type of person who get very upset, might get jealous, resentful, and that will affect the group. Just tell him what he wants to hear.”

Erica explained that she promised to choose him as the deputy HOH which she didn’t, she felt it necessary to talk to him about the sudden change of plan.

Watch video below:

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