The fate of Ghana in 100 years from now …: Essentials of shaping the thoughts of our body politic – Nana Abankwah Buadu [part IV]

The fate of Ghana in 100 years from now and the citizens’ role in causing financial loss to the state: the essentials of shaping the thoughts of our body politic.

This is the continuation of our previous article The fate of Ghana in 100 years from now …: essentials of shaping the thoughts of our body politic – Nana Abankwah Buadu [Part III]

In 100 years from now (2118)
Everyone anticipates a promising future and that develops a form of hope for them. Before now, it would have been difficult to tell what will happen in the next few years and those who could do that were seen as extraordinaire.

While we were young we watched several cartoon movies of fairy-tales of which many of the things we felt were fictitious have become realities these days, so we often say some people are living in the future.

It is no doubt that nobody can tell exactly what will happen in totality, however, many aspects of life have become easily predictable if not telling it exactly how it will be. Occurrences like natural disasters, accidents, and so on are incongruously predictable, however, they occur as a response to environmental moderation by human activities.

So, having the capacity to follow the patterns of human activities and how the environment reacts gives very visible clues to tell the future. On this premise, I want us to experience life together in the next 100 years.

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We all believe in procreation and most of us are aggressively working hard to set good paths for our children as well as hoping to make them better than what we will achieve in life. In doing so, we hardly consider the universal effect of our ambitions. Pause, take a deep breath. I am sorry to tell you that if indeed you wish that good for your children, then your current actions are hurting them already.

While we vehemently resist and ridicule the news of birth-control by the National Population Council, probably due to their inability to explain matters to us, the future of those children we cannot wait to have or have had already is scarily despondent. Our population rate is exhaustively huge sending the future of our generations into the abyss.

According to the data provided in Figure 4A, the population of Ghana will reach an alarming size of 262,000,000 (two hundred and sixty-two million people on the same landmass 29,770,000 people scrambled for in 2018. As of the year 2018, every Ghanaian was entitled to at least 12 plots (100x70ft) of land – that includes sharing the whole Ghana including forests and farmlands for the whole population. In 2118 (100 years’ time) a Ghanaian will be entitled to only 1.4 plots of land.

Ghana’s population will be the largest amongst all the countries under consideration with the exception of the US. Ghana’s population will be more than twice that of the UK, Japan, Malaysia, etc. this situation is dangerous and life-threatening for the future of Ghana.

The population keeps exploding, meanwhile, the resources are dwindling while we sit down watching unconcerned. You may want to ask why the government is not doing anything about it forgetting you have equally not done anything about it yourself and still thinking of your second and third children. Universally, the per capita of all the countries will appreciate, that notwithstanding, the rise in the per capita of Ghana will be of no importance.

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Holding all the parameters considered here constant (stable economic growth and pop growth rate), Ghana will be severely poor in 100 years’ time against all the larger economies and further lose to Zimbabwe, perhaps due to the high literacy rate of Zimbabwe.

However, it will continue to be 3 times richer than Rwanda also due to the high pop growth rate of Rwanda. You might be wondering why no solace is taken in the fact that Ghana is doing better than the most hyped promising economy of Rwanda, my brethren, anyone who wants to affirm their physical strength will not do so by engaging in a weight-lifting contest with a patient who is yet to recover from surgery.

In fact, I must say that the margin of wealth between Ghana and the US, Singapore is exceedingly alarming and worth mentioning. My heart skipped when the graph popped up after the analysis. As of 2018, citizens of the US were 29 times richer than Ghana but will be 64 times richer in 100 years. Citizens of Singapore were 29 times richer in 2018 but will be 77 times richer in 2118.

You may see it as mere figures, but what it means is that what we call as hardship today is going to multiply by at least in folds. I feel like fainting. What is so alarming is the fact that our currency is measured by the strength of the US dollar, so in 100 years US$ will be twice as expensive as it was in 2018.

The implication is that, with exactly the same amount you are earning today, the price of everything on the market will be twice. For instance, if you earn GHS 200 and buy a loaf of bread for GHS 5.00 now, in 2118, a person who earns the same equivalent amount of GHS 200 will buy a loaf of bread for not less than GHS 10.00.

In sharp contrast, the wise decisions and conscious strategies mapped out by Singaporeans will ultimately make them better and richer even than the US in a period when our carelessness would have sent our descendants into perpetual dearth.

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Sadly, the predicament will even be heightened further. A major contributor to our GDP is our discovered oil, unfortunately, we face a situation of running out reserves as well as losing value for crude oil in the advent of electric cars and modern technological advancement.

The longest any gasoline consuming automobile may remain in the system is 50 years. Well, if you thought things were going to get better soon, then be disappointed to buckle up your shoes because it will get worse soon if no reasonable efforts are made.

I must tell you that, whilst we carelessly sink, the well-planned economies will continue to rise and that will even bury us deeper- while we jubilate over the sluggish crawling of our economy (see Figure 5B of PART 5), they are busily training their economy to fly at supersonic speed.

There will be a time soon when almost all the developed countries will prevent non-professionals from entering their countries. Well, the only hope is that some few people will be living in space because traveling to Mars or the Moon will be as ordinary as traveling from Kumasi to Accra.

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Looking at this kind of inhumane situation we are creating for our next generations, I believe we have no right or whatsoever to blame our ancestors, we are maliciously insensitive than they were (we all have perhaps contracted some disease and are suffering from the “dead goat syndrome”).

At least, our ancestors obeyed simple cultural practices of preserving our water bodies and forest reserves by neither farming too close to rivers, refilling buffer zones for construction nor mining inside water trenches in a period we believe they were uncivilized.

Hmmm, why should all these happen, how did we get here, who caused it, what can be done? Keep thinking, don’t be quick to say it is the managers of our economy or the work of the devil or quiz why you should worry about something that will not happen in your presence because you may be dead and gone.

Sorry, but you will live in a part of this period. Or by then “na obiaa awu”? (maybe everyone will be dead by then) or perhaps the world would have come to an end? That is very laughable though because carbon dating proves this earth has been in existence billions of years – at least 4 billion years.

Find out who caused our woes and who is making it worse and if it is possible to reverse it and rather become better as the subsequent chapters unfold. Thank you for reading.

Part V (how we got into this situation, those contributing to making it worse and the fate of Ghana in 100 years’ time) … coming soon.

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