Video: Watch how Ozo saved the day by holding back Dorathy from fighting Nengi (BBNaija)

But for the intervention of Ozo yesterday would have been chaos. Ozo’s timely action saved a possible mayhem that would have erupted from the house last night.

He was seen speaking with Dorathy to calm her down and prevent her from fighting Nengi.

That notwithstanding he was seen enjoying the act – ‘drawing from current from Dorathy’ [you bab what i dey talk?].

Dorathy has a sheer dislike for Nengi in the BBNaija house because she [Dorathy] perceives her [Nengi] to be playing games with the men by leading them on, especially his bestie, Ozo.

Last night after they won their wager task, biggie gave them keys to the fully stocked garden fridge but Ozo failed to tell the housemates on time as he was seen hovering around Nengi in the kitchen. Awwww Ozo, how could you? Huh?

Dorathy questioned him on what he was waiting for when biggie has given him orders to open the fridge for his colleagues.

Nengi replied, “He is waiting for me”.

At that moment it was so obvious that Dorathy took offense from her reply and flared up within seconds.

Honestly, she used unprintable words at Nengi but she remained calm.

Shortly after that, Ozo and Dorathy were spotted in their HOH quarters where he was seen calming her down by explaining to her why he was with Nengi.

Watch video below:


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