Praise sheds light on why Laycon cannot date Erica [BBNaija]

This year’s Big Brother Naija lockdown housemate, Praise had a brother to brother talk between Praise and Laycon.

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Praise intimated that, most of the guys in the house are captivated by Erica’s beauty hence they all wish to date Erica although they are yet to make the move.

Wow! Eye opener? Perhaps yes!

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Praise has an advice for Laycon. He thinks Laycon should forget Erica and move on as Erica is the target of most men in the house – for simple reason of her ‘extreme’ beauty. That’s interesting, isn’t it?

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From Praise’s perspective, Erica is deeply entangled with Kiddwaya which makes the situation seemingly impossible [mission impossible] for him to date her.

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He [Praise] added he [Laycon] should not allow his world to be crashed just because she [Erica] turned him down.

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