Video: Ozo loses his temper, Blast Prince for his lackadaisical attitude (BBnaija)

Last night, the head of house, Ozo, lost his temper and nearly pounced on Prince for his lackadaisical attitude in the final rehearsal for their wager task ahead.

The incident shocked the housemates as they were expecting such vehement act from Ozo – he raised his voice for the first time and had to calm him down before the worse happens.

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Ozo was seen moving towards Prince’s direction with anger in his eyes. Taken aback, huh? Yes it is like always like that in life.

We must say yesterday was a busy day and very eventful – teammate had to paint and present their artwork alongside rehearsing for their upcoming wager task.

As tired as they seem, they had no option that to rehears but Prince left the scene without telling anyone.

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This caused Ozo to chastise him for leaving without permission and commented on his lackadaisical behaviour in the house.

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Watch the video below:

Keep watching the space as we keep updating you on all the happenings in the BBNaija 2020.

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