Video: Majid Michel’s wife nearly showed her ‘raw’ body in Majid’s live video

The emergence of social media and its accompanying live streaming come with its troubles.

It is very possible to put images one does not intend to share in the public domain.

Majid Michel is one of the well respected among the few celebrities we have in Ghana.

Yesterday Majid nearly committed a huge blunder in a live video of him on social media.

As usual, the people’s favourite Ghanaian actor [now a pastor] shared a video training at his hall.

Unfortunately, his wife who was coming from the bathroom nearly bombed up in the video naked.

Luckily, she [wife] saw the camera and swiftly dashed back into a corner to avoid any blunder.

It was so obvious that Majid who had no idea what had just happened continued with his workout.

Watch video below:

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Virna nearly do yawa oo 🙄

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