Video: ‘I know I’m the problem and I can always step back’ – Nengi on Erica and Kiddwaya break up (BBNaija)

From the look of things Nengi has advised herself to stay away from Kiddwaya after he cited her as one of the reasons for Erica breaking up with him.

It was so clear Kiddwaya was upset after Erica called for the break up because he thinks she sees him as flirtatious especially with Nengi and Wathoni.

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Chatting with Nengi about the matter, Kidd acknowledged Erica to be a sweet person but to him, he did not come into the house for a girlfriend or anything serious.

He also intimated, he is not married to anyone so he does not see it to be an issue because if he stops flirting or being friendly, that means he is changing into something unlike him and that’s not his style.

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Nengi said she knew she is the reason for their break up and that she did not know they were attached that much, she would have stayed off the picture.

Kidd said, “If we get in too deep, anything I do will hurt her, if I sit and talk to you, Wathoni or flirt with you. I’m just a nice guy who’s flirtatious.”

And Nengi replied “I know I’m the problem and I can always step back.”

“I’m not trying to have a girlfriend or anything serious,” Kidd added.

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Nengi told Kidd their friendship ends at cooking noodles henceforth but Kiddwaya disagreed saying it could be any girl in the house and not her alone.

He complimented her [Nengi] by saying Nengi is the female version of him [Kiddwaya] that’s why they bond easily.

Nengi insisted she is withdrawing herself but Kidd asked her to forget it.

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Watch video below

It’s getting interesting each day.

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