‘Beyoncé never came to Ghana to shoot’ – Bulldog clears the air, explains meeting her in United State

The long standing manager [Bulldog] of SM boss Shatta Wale, has clarified that Beyonce actually did not come to Ghana for the music video shoot. This actually in line with what Shatta Wale earlier said about going to Brooklyn [US] to shoot the music video for “Already” on Black is King album of Beyoncé.

There have been controversies in both traditional and social media over whether or not Shatta Wale was added into the popular Already music video by computer graphics [Photoshop] as people claim some of the scenes in the video are not visually pleasing in that aspect.

For the benefit of those who missed out, the music video for “Already” which is part of Beyoncé’s “Black Is King” album has been finally released and has received massive support from fans and the media since.

Bulldog in an interview on showbiz with MzGee, Shatta Wale’s manager clears the air on the matter for the first time and explained that Shatta Wale and his team visited America for the video shoot and actually met Beyoncé in-person to have chats and so on, contrary to what ‘haters’ are claiming about the video.

Bulldog said, “Beyoncé never came to Ghana to shoot, … you know, she shot her part in the state. We joined her there to shoot as well. But most of the scenes, I mean the cut aways, were shot here but she never came into town so we went out there to shoot our scene.”

Watch the the full video below:


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