Here is Ebony: Wanlov’s daughter named after the late singer

In case you missed it, Wanlov has named one of his children Ebony after the late “Kupe” singer, and the baby girl is more than two years already.

According to the Ghanaian singer, who is known for giving his children weird names like Abonsamposuro, Mali Wasty, Tivi, Radio, Kojolescu, Alata Mori among others, he chose ‘Ebony’ for his daughter because she was birthed around the time the singer suddenly passed on.

The always bare-feet musician has about 6 children with 5 women from different countries. According to him, he named one ‘Ama Manpi’ because he didn’t reach climax during the intercourse that conceived her, hence the name “Manpi” which when translated from Twi to English means ‘I didn’t cum’.

The ‘FOKN Bois’ rapper in an old report by also disclosed that had it not been the passing of Ebony, he was about to name his daughter “Weide3” because for ‘this one’ he reached orgasm.

Fast forward, Ebony, is growing and she was captured in a recent video her father shared. In the video that shows Wanlov carrying a box of Fante Kente with his other daughter ‘Ama Manpi’ at his back, it could be heard that others with himself addressed his little daughter as ‘Ebony’.

He captioned the video “Daddy Day, the box was full of fante kenkey,” watch it below.

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