Obinim’s wife flaunts curves as she rocks see-through dress in latest photos from Spain

Florence Obinim, the wife of International Gods Way Church founder and leader [Bishop Daniel Obinim], has been spotted in new photos on social media.

The photos have Mrs Obinim looking dazzling and smiling with a brand new look.

In the photos, Florence Obinim wore braided hair tied in a bunch on her head with a very young-looking face.

She was dressed in a white net (see-through) dress with a black vest inside.

Florence Obinim in Spain

The see-through dress and vest were tucked into a pair of faded jeans.

Sharing the photos, Mrs Obinim shared words of motivation and encouraged her followers to face their challenge with prayers.

He captioned the pictures:


Mrs. Dr. Florence Obinim sends greetings from Spain.

Greetings to all my lovely fans, followers and IGWC Church members, I’m doing fantastic.
I just have a simple message which might help you go forward and triumph over trying times in your life. Never be afraid of being ridiculed or persecuted, but be afraid of not having a God who will direct your actions. When you face challenges with a clear mind and you back it with prayers, they lose their power.

My child, you’re deserving of a great life, but please don’t cut corners or rush to get yourself up there by stepping on people. Through the pain or hell came qualities from heaven, during your darkest moments, that is when you gather courage and pray for the brightest lights.

The enemy put me through that, i was hurt but I never cried, I prayed for vindication, now God is strongly fighting for me, unexpected revelations are popping up concerning certain heartbreaking accusations.

To my IGWC members, active Church service will resume very soon so get yourselves ready for Church Service, and remember to keep fighting for the ministry of Jesus, keep fighting for those you love, keep fighting for you, you have so much to give, such an example to set.
I’ve missed you all, God bless you. 🙏🙏🙏”

Florence Obinim

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