Is it a Crime to go to Agricultural College? – Agric. College Graduate quizzes

Over the years, graduates from Colleges of Agriculture, Colleges of Education, Nursing and Midwifery Training Colleges are automatically posted or employed by the government. In recent years, the trend has changed.

These graduates now have to do a mandatory national service before some of them are posted [employed] by the state agencies that need their services.

However, whiles majority of the trainees from the colleges of education and the nurses and midwifery training colleges are posted after their national service, those from the Agricultural Training colleges are left out.

Ghana Education Service and teacher registered associations always persuade the government and try their possible best to make sure all trainees are recruited and their concerns addressed.

Similarly, Ghana Health Service, Environmental and Sanitation Department and other health registered bodies pursue this good course. The same cannot be said about the trainees from the Agricultural Colleges.

So, a trainee [Bernard Ayensu] questions, “where is Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA), GAWU, Coalition of District Directors of Agriculture, Principals of the Colleges of Agriculture, Ghana National Agriculture Technical Officers, Peasant Farmers Association of Ghana and ACSU?”

According to Bernard Ayensu, from 2010 till date Agric College graduates are still in the house. He asks again, “have Agric Colleges been taken out of the Colleges we have in Ghana?”

He added, “it make some people regret attending the these colleges and are not willing to allow any of their relatives to attend the Agric colleges.” “No wonder the number of student has reduced drastically – maybe it would finally collapse”, he indicated.

This happening at the time the ratio of Agricultural Extension Agent to Farmers is nothing to write home about. Bernard said again, “when there is a chance for recruitment of Agric Extension Agent, it passes through the so called Local Government, where you and I know that, this is the ground for all sort of dirty politics, nepotism, corruption and all form of bad ways of recruitment why can’t MoFA become autonomous.”

Mr Ayensu has an advice for his colleague trainees …

“My humble advice to the graduate is, try to start something even if it’s a half plot or half an acre of land. Practice all the cultural practices you know even if you don’t have the financial means. Practice organic farming or animals rearing – even if it’s a male and female – start and dedicate your time and energy to it, you would get somewhere one day. Let’s use the knowledge we acquired there [Agric College] for our advantage and forget of this so called leaders – they are not ready to help us. It will be a blow to us if nothing is done about it. I know Ghanaians, we don’t want the truth but that is what I have seen and I can’t keep it to myself, we need answers and reasons.”

This is the cry of many agric trainees. In a country where we pride ourselves as agriculture being the backbone of our economy, it is sad we have relegated agriculture to the background.

Even the study of agriculture is no more a major subject in our basic schools. The Faculties or schools of Agriculture of the various public universities are suffering – the situation has affected their enrollment drastically. This is unthinkable!

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