Video: I enjoyed seeing my boyfriend have “s£x” with our 4-months old baby – Lady shockingly reveals

A young lady believed to be in her twenties has revealed in a strange video how her 4-months-old baby had s£x with her boyfriend.

In a video sighted by on Instagram, a young lady, whose name and where she comes from are yet to be revealed, said she enjoyed seeing her 4-months old baby getting banged by her own boyfriend.

The lady also revealed she actually found that scene pleasurable because her child always flirts with her boyfriend – basically the little girl was trying to get him to touch on her.

What was more shocking was the fact that she happily revealed that her boyfriend broke the baby’s virginity when she was just 4 months old.

Surprisingly from her confession, she always sat and watched her demonic boyfriend to sexually abuse her baby till she died.

The most heartbreaking part is when she said she started monetizing the unfortunate act – ripping benefits off the innocent little girl.

Watch the shocking video below:


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