Stop Pursuing Happiness If You Want To Succeed in Agribusiness

Life they say is not a joke! Often, high dopamine-releasing activities such as watching porn, playing video games, watching movies, among other activities make you feel good for the moment; but do they give you long term happiness? To me, the answer is No!

The journey to success is by no means a pleasurable experience – while your mates are bingeing on YouTube or Netflix, you should be busy finding strategies to prevent your business from being collapsing. Again, while your contemporaries are spending the Friday night partying, you should be wondering where next you are going to get money to fund your business because you have already invested the entirety of your salary.

Majority of doctor did not attend medical school to be happy but rather, to be fulfilled because he or she has the potential to positively impact the community by healing sick people. Probably, if the doctor chose to pursue happiness, he’d spend most of his medical school days on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or TikTok and end up getting expelled from the university for poor performance.

A very simple agribusiness I can think of is honey production. Beekeeping does not require much but you need to be discipline and stick to time. It is easy to work on bees at night when the sun is down and the weather in cool. So if you pursue happiness you cannot leave your bed at night and visit your apiary to do any work – you would rather sleep or go to the club where you can find happiness.

There are several women in Ghana that, through Bees for development Ghana, have learnt to become beekeepers and are now keeping bees to support their families.

Naomi and Michael harvesting some honey at night

In Korjobator , a village in the Afram Plains North district, there lives a woman called Hawa Issah. Hawa supports her family by growing cassava, yam and beans though sometimes without enough to sell. She began beekeeping very recently, and is just about to enjoy her first honey harvest. She says: “I cannot do honey hunting because I am a woman and a mother of six children. I received training from Bees for Development Ghana and started making hives the day after the first workshop – the very next day! I now have 24 hives and 11 of them have colonies in them … I am so happy.” The first thing Hawa plans to do with her new income is to replace a grass roof on her home, which has caused it to burn down three times, with a safer metal sheet.

Hawa Issah from Korjobator in Afram Plains near Donkorkrom

Similarly, establishing a successful agribusiness is not easy but I am sure you will forget the struggles you went through when you can now send your children to top universities and also have the admiration of everyone in your community.

To conclude, do not make happiness your goal in life because if you do so, you will pursue only short-term pleasures at the detriment of your well-being and development. However, rather try to take on difficult tasks that will pay dividends in the long run.

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