Top 5 Agricultural Economics Journals –2020 Edition

From the Journal Citations Report, here is the new top 5 of agricultural economics journals:

  1. Food Policy 4.189
  2. American Journal of Agricultural Economics 3.028
  3. Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy 2.779
  4. Annual Review of Resource Economics 2.745
  5. Aquaculture Economics and Management 2.646

The number to the right of each journal name is the journal’s impact factor, which has been calculated on the basis of calendar year 2019 citation numbers.

On Marc F. Bellemare’s website, he indicated that “this has been a good year for the American Journal of Agricultural Economics (AJAE), which I have been co-editing since the start of the year, as our impact factor went from 2.532 to above 3.” What is especially good for the AJAE is to be back in the top two. This has also been a good year for Food Policy, which Marc F. Bellemare also co-edited with Mario Mazzocchi until June 2019. The journal’s impact factor for Food Policy went from 3.788 to above 4.

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Obviously, Marc is pleased that both journals has been associated with are doing so well. He again added that “All credit goes to the co-editors I have had the honor to work with as well as our associate editors, reviewers, the publishing staff we work with, and the authors who elect to submit high-quality manuscripts to the journals.”

it is also important to note that the fact that, by impact factor, the AJAE ranks 59th and Food Policy ranks 28th across all economics journals –respectively slightly ahead of the Journal of Monetary Economics and Econometrica.

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