‘Bee Careful’: David Beckham Told his Kids

David Beckham shared photo of his family in beekeeping suit on his Facebook page and also a video of her daughter, Harper, dancing in beekeeping suit on his Instagram page as they tend to his homemade hive.

David and his family | photo credit David Beckham

Beckham shared a video of eight-year-old daughter [Harper] dancing in a beekeeping suit as they tended to his homemade hive.

Harper’s brothers, 17-year-old Romeo and 15-year-old Cruz also joined the father-daughter duo in a photo.

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Taking to his Instagram page, 45-year-old David shared the sweet clip of his little girl having a boogie.

Dressed in the full protective gear, including gloves and a mask over her face, Harper looks excited to get down to business.

Harper was excited for the adventure

The video starts with the schoolgirl busting some moves, David comments: “Dancing?” before laughing as Harper flashes a peace sign.

He [David] added a photo of himself with Harper, Romeo, and Cruz all dressed in their beekeeping kits and smiling at the camera.

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One of their family dogs is also in shot, jumping up to be petted by Romeo.

The former Manchester United player could not resist making a cheesy ‘dad joke’ in the post’s caption, writing: “I told the kids Bee careful 🐝 🤔 … Apparently dad jokes don’t go down so well 🙄”

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On his beekeeping journey, he also shared a snap of the wooden hive he put together earlier this month, surrounded by buzzing bees.

The bees might be happy and enjoying their new home [hive]

Last week, David shared a video of himself making a hive. David’s wife Victoria, filmed her husband as he put together the hive in the back garden of their Cotswolds mansion.

The fashion designer [Victoria] videoed David hammering nails into a wooden frame, with instructions for the build place out in front of him.

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Narrating in the clip, she [Victoria] explained: “And David decided to start building … beehives.”

Victoria asked: “Is that your new project darling?” to which, David replied: “It is” while fixing his new contraption together.

He said with a smile at the end of the clip: “We will be very happy when we’ve got our own honey”.

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