Pray that the judge will stick to the facts and the truth – Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom

The president of Groupe Nduom as asked Ghanaians to pray for his businesses as they await a verdict on their case against the Bank of Ghana before court. In a Facebook post, Dr Nduom describes their fear of government influence in the country [Ghana].

Dr Nduom writes, “I am asking everyone for your prayers. As you know, Groupe Nduom, myself included have sued government and its agencies in Ghana over the revocation of the licenses of our bank, GN Savings and investment company Gold Coast Fund Management. Together, they represent the biggest chunk of our investments in Ghana. They account for over one million customers and more than 4,000 employees direct and related. I am asking for prayers to be said by everyone so that the judge in our case against the Bank of Ghana can rely solely on the merits and facts of our motion and rule in our favor. We are asking for the restoration of our license and more importantly, the recognition that we are owed a lot of money by government agencies which if recovered will solve our challenges in Ghana. We have a good case. Our lawyer has done well to craft the facts very well. But judges are human. And in countries like Ghana where government holds the biggest influence everywhere, it takes courage to go against it. Pray that this judge Gifty Adjei-Addo will stick to the facts and the truth. We filed our suit in August 2019. And the other side has used technicalities and some tricks to delay the hearing of the substantive matter. Next week Monday, the case goes back to court. I don’t expect a final ruling on that day. But, what she does on Monday will determine what will eventually happen. So we must appeal to the higher judge above to give wisdom and courage to the judge on earth so she can do the right thing. Many lives depend on her judgment.”

At this point can only wish Dr Nduom and his businesses well.

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