Ridge Hospital Responds to Director of Institute of Languages’ Medical Negligence Allegation

The authorities at the Ridge Hospital are investigating circumstances surrounding the death of the wife of the director of the Ghana Institute of Languages.

In a post on Facebook, Dr Emmanuel Kuto alleged that his wife, Kafui, died after surgery at the hospital because a doctor prescribed the wrong medication for her.

In response to the post, the Medical Director at the hospital, Dr. Emmanuel Srofenyoh, has told Joy News that preliminary investigations have begun to ascertain the exact course of death.

He added that a committee of enquiry will probably be set up to probe Mrs Kuto’s death.

“The Greater Accra Regional Hospital, Ridge practices an open-door policy and we encourage our clients to report any misgiving or seek clarity on any clinical procedure with the Customer Service or Public Relations Units for proper management response,” he added.

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Dr Kuto chronicled the events that led to the demise of his wife after she got surgery and allegedly received the wrong medications.

He revealed how he overheard a doctor reprimanding his colleague over a phone call for prescribing wrong medications for her.

“From the conversation, it was clear that the other doctor had promptly admitted to prescribing the drug. Folks, I swear by my father’s grave that my wife’s doctor said something like this; “I can’t believe you have done this again. This is the second time. This woman’s case is similar to the other one but you have done it again,” he recounted.

This was after he asked the nurses what drugs the patient was given and denied giving those prescriptions for her condition.

Emmanuel described the poor state of his wife after a surgery on Monday, June 22 which led to her severe pain and a subsequent black out.

According to him, “As our doctor was scolding the other doctor, the nurses were laughing heartily. Even the doctor was scolding his colleague somehow jokingly”.

Following this occurrence, he was directed to buy a couple more prescriptions which he did without hesitation.

However, these were not enough to save her as died three hours later. This was unknown to him until the next morning when he rushed to the hospital following a call from his sister-in-law.

He has appealed to the authorities of the hospital to ensure that this doesn’t repeat itself.

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